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Travel solutions for small businesses

Get complete visibility on travel spend, drive policy compliance, and keep track of employees on the road.

Rethink small business travel to save time, cut costs, and gain visibility

When you consider how significant travel costs can be for a business, it’s easy to see how even the smallest organization can benefit from thinking big. Concur Hipmunk is perfect for companies that need a travel solution, but are not yet ready for a fully managed travel program.

  • Simplify the entire travel process — from booking to expense reports
  • Get travel alerts and reminders and stay one step ahead on every trip
  • Monitor bookings as they occur and ensure they’re policy compliant
  • Find hotels close to meetings and make trips easier

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Simplify travel bookings and spend

7073彩票地址With so many booking options available, it’s more difficult than ever for companies to keep track of business travelers and travel spend. Through our global network of connected suppliers and TripIt Pro app, bookings made using Concur TripLink provide the visibility and flexibility needed to:

  • Get a complete view of spend on all bookings
  • Connect employees to travel loyalty programs
  • Apply negotiated rates to direct bookings

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How to create a travel policy for your small business

7073彩票地址The hardest part of implementing a travel and expense management policy is knowing where to begin. Which is exactly why SAP Concur has created this handy “How To” guide to help your small business create or update a travel policy that employees will get behind.

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See what our travel solutions can do for your small business

Concur Hipmunk

Not ready for a fully managed program? Concur Hipmunk is a solution that can match the size of your business.

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TripIt Pro

7073彩票地址Book travel, monitor changes to your itinerary, get travel alerts, and share travel plans on the go.

Concur Locate

7073彩票地址Keep employees safe and connected in an emergency and fulfill your Duty of Care obligations.

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SAP Concur has a better way to handle travel management.

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