ADP Integration

Boost your bottom line, improve morale, and run a better business when you integrate ADP and SAP Concur.

Automate processes and get more from employees

In a fast-paced business environment, there’s no room for tedious, manual tasks. Integrating ADP with Concur Expense means you can reduce data-entry burdens, streamline operations, keep employees happy, and make everyone more productive while eliminating the potential for manual errors.

  • Synchronize employee master data from ADP into SAP Concur for up to date employee profiles at all times
  • Map employee information like name, email, and location for increased user accuracy
  • Automate data entry to save time and prevent errors

Get more info about the ADP HR Connector on the ADP Marketplace. Click below to learn more.

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A partnership 20 years in the making

7073彩票地址For more than 20 years, ADP and SAP Concur have been strategic partners that organizations have come to depend upon and trust. Together, we’ve helped businesses large and small increase productivity, improve morale, plan, innovate, and keep a healthy bottom line.

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SAP Concur has a better way to handle spend management

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See how?our?integrations?can?create a total solution for your business?

The value of software integration

Connecting various tools and disparate data can?help?your business run as well as possible.?

QuickBooks Connector

7073彩票地址Connect SAP Concur to your existing QuickBooks and easily import expenses, employee data, customers, and more.?

Client Web Services?

Give developers the resources, open APIs, and expertise they need to solve your specific business challenges.

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